Semper Fi Aussies
We are a small breeder of toy and mini australian shepherds.  We take great pride in producing healthy, quality dogs.   Our dogs have the look, instincts and personality of the standard australian shepherd, just in a smaller size.  The australian shepherd is a highly intellegent, very eager to please dog with strong herding and guarding instincts.  The aussie is attentive, animated and easily trained.  They make exceptional companions and family dogs.  They are very loyal to their owners and family but may be reserved around strangers, especially if not socialized.   If they are socialized, especially when young, this will not be an issue.  This is a top priority for us in raising our puppies.  We want the best lives possible for them and will do our best to help them any way we can.  

Aussies are active dogs and do not adapt well to a sedentary lifestyle.  They need to have room to run and play and will not be happy as a kennel dog.  They like to have a job to do and will do it with great style and enthusiasm.   The aussie is very good at a number of sports, such as herding, agility and flyball.  Whether you enjoy these sports or just enjoy lots of playtime, the aussie is happiest spending time with their owners.  This is why they are known as the "velcro" dog, which refers to their great loyalty.    

Our dogs are a great part of our lives and we take excellent care of them.  They are part of our family and we love them very much.  We want you, as a customer, to be able to enjoy your dog as much as we do ours!   
We are no longer breeding, but have two puppies still available from Bang's litter.